Tornado Warning at Tilghman Interrupts Lunch


Tornado approaching Tilghman during lunch time.

Liam Black

On March 3, Tilghman had a tornado warning during first hour lunch.

“Wowee that was really scary,” said Lucas Wadley (12).

The students faced a near-death experience. With the tornado sirens blaring, the students had to evacuate the entire cafeteria and classrooms and sit on the ground in the hallway.

“It’s always bad when we don’t know what’s going on,” said Max Truitt (12).

As time passed, students started to get worried. Some students, on the other hand, like tornados.

“That’s one way to get out of our Spanish test,” said Landon Snyder (11). Landon believes its always important to stay positive even when life gets hard.

The students returned to class after 30 minutes, safe and in one piece.