Jury Decides Murdaugh’s Fate Quickly


Aneeza Ali

The trial of Alex Murdaugh, a former lawyer found guilty of murdering his wife Maggie and son Paul by shooting them to death, has blown up powerful media platforms nationwide. It has been popularized because of the wealth that the Murdaugh family holds. He is heir to a legal dynasty that has remained in South Carolina-s Lowcountry region for over a century.

After only three hours of deliberation, the jury found Alex Murdaugh guilty of all three charges on March 2.

Throughout the trial, we learned new details and evidence pointing to apparent answers. The murder weapons have not been recovered. However, the Murdaugh family carried many guns, as they were held on the property for a long time. The equipment and guns found on the property were the same calibers of weapons used to murder both wife and son.

There were also problems with securing the crime scene. The defense claimed the location was not secured enough, and the people walking through it didn’t have clearance. The prosecution, however, used the main pieces of evidence to pick Alex Murdaugh apart: the audio and cell phone evidence.

During an audio interview with an agent, Alec Murdaugh said something that created speculation amongst the family. When presented with a picture of Paul and Maggie deceased, he responded with, “It was just so bad, I did him so bad.”

Anyone who was to see these pictures wouldn’t necessarily respond with “I did him so bad,” but instead something of shock and concern.

Cell phone evidence has been critical in this case; the prosecution asserts that the shootings happened around 8:50 p.m. on June 7. Looking at the wife’s phone log, steps were recorded on Maggie’s phone activity. The camera’s orientation changed, and more steps were recorded. It’s interesting to see this because it speculates that someone was trying to use or walk with her phone.

We also learned about Alex’s phone activity; the calls from his cellphone to Maggie were deleted. Alex Murdaugh’s alibi was that he was not even at the crime scene. He claimed that he was not in the kennels when the murders happened; however, on Paul’s phone, there is video evidence where Alex Murdaugh is heard in the background. This ruins his alibi and places him at the scene of the murder.

Through a short deliberation and extensive evidence, he was found guilty and faced two life sentences in jail. Rightfully so, this man gets what he deserves, and although being a former lawyer, he could not pull off being innocent.