Welcome to the World, Sock Babies!

Kate Bidwell

Mrs. Vaughn’s AP Psychology students welcomed new bundles of joy this week! These sock babies have taken PTHS by storm and can be seen anywhere from tennis practice to the choir room. 

The sock baby project is a supplemental activity for AP Psychology’s child development unit. Students had to create a sock baby, take care of it for a week, and fill out an accompanying packet. The sock babies had to be with their “parents” at all times, unless they were cared for by another trusted adult. Since there was a three-hour limit on babysitting, most of the AP Psychology students chose to take their child everywhere. Additionally, many students created Instagram profiles for their sock babies to document their adventures over the week. 

Most AP Psychology students enjoyed this project because it allowed them to express their creativity and gain an understanding of the occasional difficulties of parenthood.

For example, Meghan Gruber (12) said, “The hardest part was forgetting where it (her sock baby, Chad) was and having the anxiety of trying to find it.” 

The sock babies have become a Tilghman fixture over the past week, and students will be sad to say goodbye to the beloved babes.