Crazy NBA Trade Deadline Holds Surpises

Coy Booker

Thursday, Feb. 9, at exactly 3 p.m. marked the NBA’s league-wide trade deadline. Things started off with a bang when Brooklyn Nets’ eight-time all-star point guard Kyrie Irving was traded to the Dallas Mavericks on Feb. 6. This trade was huge for both Brooklyn and Dallas. Irving gives Dallas the second offensive threat they need alongside Luka Doncic.  

Arguably the biggest trade of the season is Kevin Durant to the Phoenix Suns. With fans around the league questioning Durant’s future after the Irving trade, it came as a shock at 1 a.m. on Thursday morning when the 12-time all-star forward was officially traded, bringing an unimaginable amount of momentum to a Phoenix team that is on the edge of returning to the Finals. 

Not many moves were made in the Eastern Conference, however competition is still at an all-time high. With the Boston Celtics sitting comfortably at the top, and the Milwaukee Bucks gaining back their co-star in Khris Middleton, the East is still loaded.  

All will come to fruition as the NBA season starts back up with around 23 games left. This is pivotal time in the season for teams to clinch playoff spots and declare themselves as the true number one team. NBA action resumes on Feb. 22.