Reagan Hartman

On Feb. 23, season three of “Outer Banks” premiered on Netflix. Season three kicks off with the Pogues far from home, still searching for treasure and being caught in a deadly situation. It starts with adventure from the very beginning. The mess of shocking plot twists and teen drama allows viewers to remain extremely engaged throughout the entire season.

The season revolves entirely around the treasure and finding the El Dorado gold. While some may say that is the most boring part of the show, the season still introduces new characters and makes sure to keep the love triangles going.

This season may seem silly and ridiculous at times, but it is full of heart and dedication.

Season three kicks off with a bang and keeps this momentum for the entire season, except for when they separate the Pogues.

This show is full of adventure, and it is best when the Pogues team up to hunt for treasure and defeat the bad guys. They may skip school and break the rules, but this is “Outer Banks.” This show is full of wild rides and adventures which makes it irresistible to not watch, in most people’s opinion. It is up to you to decide if you should stream or skip.