Who Inspires You?

Reagan Hartman

Inspiration is what pushes you to go out and become capable of everything you can be. Everyone has someone they look up to as an inspiration. Whether it is Babe Ruth or a family member, your inspiration is one of the most influential figures in your life. Your inspiration becomes your role model, and a role model can take you very far in life. I asked three 11th grade students at PTHS who inspires them and why.

Anniyah Harris (11) said, “My inspiration is my parents. They have always done everything for me and my siblings even when times were hard. And I aspire to be like them and lead by example for my kids in the future.”

Landon Monroe (11) said, “Okay so mine is probably Kurt Cobain. He was a big influence for my love of music and songwriting. His songwriting is super rich in metaphors and symbolism which made me appreciate music a lot more and inspired me to write. His music helped me through a very dark time in my life, mid-pandemic, and made my mental health feel less scary. He was a troubled person who battled a lot with many of the mental health issues I was going through such as depression and anxiety. He made me feel less sad about myself and foreign to my mental health. His music also made me want to start to learn myself, and I bought a guitar because of his amazing work. I’ve always been a huge music fan because of him and more at peace with my mental health.”

Kaiden Rodgers (11) said, “My inspiration Is Jennie Finch. She was an amazing softball player, and I strive to be like her one day. I always stand by her quote, ‘Try not to get lost in comparing yourself to others. Discover your gifts and let them shine!’ as it is such a powerful message.”

Overall, everyone’s inspiration is who stands out to them and helps push them to be the person they want to be. It doesn’t matter who or what it is as long as it helps you strive towards your goals.