The Stage Is Set for March Madness

The Stage Is Set for March Madness

Jack Butts

This past week all NCAA Division One College Basketball Conference Championships were held, and now the stage is set for March Madness. A total of 68 teams are in the tournament, and there are many ways these teams are selected. 

The first way is by winning their conference championship. There are 32 conferences in division one so there will be 32 teams that get an automatic bid. After these 32 teams are 36 teams that get an at-large bid, meaning a committee sits down and decides who is in and who is out.  

This committee consists of ten members, and they all come from different backgrounds like athletic directors, conference commissioners, and presidents and vice-presidents of different schools. This committee is also responsible for seeding and making the bracket that millions of people try to guess perfectly.  

The idea of a perfect bracket is nearly impossible, and no one has ever filled out a perfect bracket. There is always at least one upset, like Kentucky losing to a 16-seed team last year, and these upsets spoil many brackets. But on the other hand, the number one- and two-seeds have the most victories, so picking a top ranked seed may be the best decision. Alabama, Huston, Kansas and Purdue are the four number one seeds, and Alabama comes in as the top-ranked team in the nation.  

There will be upsets and there will be heartbreaks for many times but only one can come out as the nation champion.