Behind the Art: Azlyn Goodyke


Alicia Durfee

Two of Azlyn’s pieces “Study of a Heart” and “Everything’s Fine” that are displayed on the walls at Paducah Tilghman High School.

Azlyn Goodyke (11) has been making art since she was a little kid. Her artwork is known throughout Tilghman and featured among many of the hallways.

She won first place in textiles at state last year with an embroidery piece of a portrait of Edgar Allen Poe. She is also a finalist recently for the Governor’s School of the Arts program. Her artwork exposes her unique creativity and mind for cultivating pieces.

Recently, she made “Study of a Heart” which was a mix of acrylic paint and thread that she used to make a 3-D piece that stands out among others. When asked what her motivation behind the piece was, she said, “I really wanted to capture the variation and depth of a heart, so I did research on what it was supposed to look like. I wanted to capture something that is al within us.”

She also made a work called “Everything’s Fine” which is a masked young woman who stands in front of smog from a factory and a washed-up dead whale. She said, “I wanted to create something that showed how we are destroying the environment by mass production. I feel like environmental issues is not something we address, and it should be, so I wanted to bring awareness to this issue by creating an uncomfortable piece.”

Azlyn’s artwork has inspired many and stands out among other pieces shown at Tilghman. I think her work is incredible and really moving even if it is different. I’m always curious to see what she will come up with next.