Romanak Named Second Teen of the Week 2020

Libby Shadoan, Staff Writer

Mason Romanak is the second senior at Paducah Tilghman to be named the Paducah Bank Teen of the Week by The Paducah Sun this year. Romanak, was awarded the honor as for the week of Sept. 14. This award is given to high school seniors in the Paducah area to recognize the accomplishments they have made throughout their high school years. Romanak now has the chance to be named the Teen of the Year and win a $5,000 scholarship or the Inspiration Award which is paired with a $1,000 scholarship.

Throughout his high school years, Romanak has developed quite the successful resume. He has earned a 4.294 weighted cumulative GPA, and is ranked fifth in the senior class. Romanak is also involved with several Paducah Tilghman extra-curricular activities including the Sustainability Club, Prime Rib, Another Shade of Blue a cappella group, and the National Honor Society.

Romanak is also incredibly musically inclined. He has been a part of orchestra since sixth grade, playing the bass. Romanak mostly plays electric bass and guitar, but he is also familiar with the keyboard, trumpet and ukulele. With his musical talent, Romanak was able to attend Governor’s School for the Arts studying instrumental music last year. He also, was first chair for double bass in the Kentucky Music Association’s All-State Symphony Orchestra in 2020.

Romanak is not only involved with music for school activities, but he is also working on building his personal music career. He has been learning music production over the past few years for fun, and referred to his skills as “mediocre, but good enough to get some songs produced and released.” His most recent song “Yellowbelly,” debuted on Aug. 28, featuring vocals by Emma Gilbert and cover art by Jenna Price. Romanak’s songs can be found on streaming services, such as Spotify and Apple music. He is extremely talented and you should check out his music!

Romanak discovered during the coronavirus pandemic that he has a newfound fascination with sociology, and hopes to study this field in his college years. He is enthralled by the multiple layers sociology offers. “I’m really interested in the idea of excess, in the way that it can kind of change things,” he said. Romanak is excited to go to college, especially to study his new fascination of sociology.