What’s Hot, What’s Not in Fashion

Anna West, Staff Writer

Despite the pandemic that took the world by storm, fashion has been the one thing that has stayed consistent. During quarantine, many young people decided to test out different styles and aesthetics to see what staple clothing pieces truly fit their personality. Being cooped up at home all day allowed people to get outside of their comfort zone and get more interested in the latest fashion trends.

Going into the new school year, styling a cute outfit every morning can instantly make your day better because when you look good, you feel good. The heat of summertime is slowly fading away and the fall season is almost here. Fall has always been a big season for fashion; keep reading to get familiar with a few fall staples that everyone needs in their life ASAP! 

Since masks are the “new normal”, stylish masks are a must-have this season! Most masks are inexpensive and even come in packs to ensure a better deal. Masks are something you can have fun with and make your own. Styling outfits is 10 times more fun in the morning when you can pick out a color-coordinating or matching mask to go with your outfit as well! 

Attention ladies: platform shoes are a trend that have quickly became popular for girls of all ages and it’s no surprise why! Platform shoes come ina variety of styles, such as platform sneakers, platform sandals, and platform boots. The little bit of height platform shoes have can truly make or break an outfit. Not only do platform shoes make any outfit look more put together, they also are more comfortable than regular shoes! A few places to get well-priced platform shoes of good quality are Dillards, Kohls, Shoe Carnival and T.J Maxx. If you’re wanting to look cute AND be comfortable at the same time, platform shoes are the shoes you need! 

Cowboy hats. That’s a bizarre thing to be in the latest fall trends, right? Well, cowboy hats are a spunky and fun staple piece that can surprisingly be used at many occasions. People can decorate their own cowboy hats to fit themselves and their personality perfect. You can be as fun as you want when decorating a cowboy hat. After you decorate a cowboy hat, you can wear it out with your friends, at a party, or even just take some pictures in it just for fun! If you don’t own a cowboy hat yet, make sure to stop by Rural King to purchase one and then stop by Hobby Lobby to buy some unique and striking hat décor to make it your own! Make sure to pack your specially crafted cowboy hat in your bag next time you go somewhere if you’re wanting to add some spice to your outfit! 

Not that this is a surprise, but blue jean jackets will be another must-have this season. For guys and girls both, a blue jean jacket can be very versatile. Blue jean jackets are great pieces to use if it’s chilly one day, an outfit needs to look more casualor even to spice up an outfit if it’s looking a little bland. Unlike bulky or thick jackets, blue jean jackets can be worn all day and taken off when need be. A few local places to get blue jean jackets from are Kohls, Dillard’s, Old Navy, T.J. Maxx, H&M and Ross. If you don’t own a blue jean jacket yet, go out and buy one today because there’s no doubt you’ll be wearing it every day! 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ve gotten ideas for additions to your wardrobe. Now you’re ready for a fall shopping trip!