Is Selling Sunset Worth the Watch?


Anna West, Staff Writer

As people started becoming bored out of their minds during quarantine, Netflix just had to release the most cutthroat and drama-infused show of the year, Selling Sunset. The show is a Bravo-style reality show that showcases the drama at The Oppenheim Group, where female elite real estate brokers sell the luxurious life to their affluent buyers. And the drama gets bumped up even more when a new agent joins the team, and the veterans want her to prove herself before accepting her as a member of the group.

As you might imagine, Selling Sunset isn’t just like every other real estate show you’d see on a channel such as HGTV. Think about it like this: If The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Million Dollar Listing had a love child, it would be Selling Sunset. The show is composed of seven feisty young women who aren’t afraid to step on toes and do whatever it takes to get the honor of selling one of the many multi-million-dollar listings L.A. has to offer. The women are mean to each other, but not that mean — their fights end almost as soon as they begin. They co-list homes together, go on latte breaks together, and compliment each other’s outfits while sometimes meaning it. As soon as they lose a deal, they get another, even better one.                                               

Selling Sunset is entertaining yet relaxing at the same time because the reality of being an A-list real estate agent is not what Selling Sunset is trying to sell. Instead, it shows us that everything is better with a hot outfit and creating bonds with people you may have never expected. The biggest feud within the show is between Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn. Christine is known as the “villian” of the show, as she should be. She is snobby, ruthless, a pot stirrer, and just about every other word in the book. She may have the best outfits, best makeup, and best hair of anyone in the show, but looking pretty on the outside means nothing if you’re rotten on the inside. Most would say she is very similar to Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Chrishell is no doubt America’s favorite cast member and there’s no surprise why. She is a hardworking, truthful, and breath of fresh air in the show. 

There have been rumors circulating saying the women in the show aren’t actual real-estate agents and everything said in the show is scripted. All the women in the show have been quick to shut the rumor down by proving to the world their love for real-estate and their long-time commitment with The Oppenheim Group.

Scripted or not, Selling Sunset is undoubtedly the most spicy and intense show to come out of quarantine.  If you’re a fan of cutthroat drama and multi-million dollar homesSelling Sunset should definitely be your next binge watch.