COVID-19 vs. Sports

Maddie VanderBoegh, Staff Writer

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on the entire world within the last six months. It is known you can contract the sickness by touching things others have also touched. Because of this, the deciding factor on sports has been a difficult one to determine. Many sports have been put on hold, or they can be played with no audiences within our country. Some of the rules include staying home if you’re sick, bringing your own equipment and staying socially distanced from your teammates whenever you can. The decision to participate in sports and spectate at sporting events will be dependent on athletes, families and sports clubs adhering to these regulations. 

Some places, like Tilghman have already decided sports will be played. In some areas, football players must wear a face shield over their helmets in order to be able to play. In other areas, fall sports are not even happening.  

The Tilghman soccer and football teams started their games and the rules are as follows:  the players do not have to wear a mask, but the audience does. Fans can only sit with immediate family or the people they rode in the same car with. Otherwise, fans must be socially distant. Fans must also undergo temperature checks and purchase tickets online in order to facilitate contact tracing. 

For cheerleaders at Paducah Tilghman, the rules are about the same as those for the audience. The cheerleaders must always wear a mask and must stay six feet apart. The cheerleaders do get to travel to the away games but must sit one to a seat and wear a mask for the whole bus ride. Some schools in our area are not allowing cheerleaders to travel to the away games. Luckily, the Tilghman cheerleaders are allowed. However, one of the most entertaining parts of cheerleading does not get to be showcased, which is stunting. Because of Covid-19, the cheerleaders are not allowed to touch each other, which results in no stunting. 

The shift in how sports are usually held at Paducah Tilghman and around the country is extremely different, but everyone is adjusting the best that they can.