Paducah Tilghman Football Back to Work

Grace Bakehouse, Assistant Editor

After a summer of only workouts, the football team here at Paducah Tilghman was finally able to have a real practice on Aug. 23 It would be a late start for any typical year; however, 2020 is not a typical year.  COVID-19 has not only affected the health and safety of the entire world but also our high school sports.

This summer, not only football, but all sports teams were only allowed to participate in workouts with social distancing required at all times. Considering the nature of football, social distancing seems difficult to maintain, but Tilghman’s team has worked hard all summer to adhere to all the guidelines given not only by the Kentucky Board of Control but also the CDC in hopes of having some sort of football season in the fall. All their hard work and corporation paid off on Friday, Sept. 11, when Paducah Tilghman was finally able to have their first football game against Graves County.  The game might not of had the result everyone had hoped for, but being able to have a semi-normal game is an accomplishment that cannot go unnoticed. 

Senior player Kymaiah Barner said, “It’s truly an honor to be able to have a season. A lot of other schools have had their seasons canceled and we’re lucky enough to get to continue to play.” 

Paducah Tilghman’s football team will continue to work hard to adhere to the COVID-19 related guidelines and to havewinning season that will always be remembered. No matter the outcome of this year’s season, everyone is always encouraged to come out and support these players at their games each week. 

Social distancing is required in the stands and a face mask must be worn at all times, but what’s a little inconvenience compared to what the world has endured throughout this year?

Make sure to follow the PTHS Pep Club Instagram and Twitter for updates about themes and meetings, and remember to come to show your Tilghman Pride every Friday night and support the football team.