Class of 2021 Took the Biggest Hit from COVID

Leah Tyrrell, Editor-in-Chief

With this pandemic going on, everyone can agree on one thing: it sucks. But who has it the worst? Is it the freshmen who have to experience their first year of high school like this? Is it the sophomores or juniors? Definitely not. Is it the seniors who have to experience their last year of high school with half capacity, no school dances, and no lunch? Or maybe it’s the freshmen in college who moved to an entirely foreign place without being able to go out and make friends very easily. Everyone has it bad, no doubt, but there is a correct answer as to who has it the worst: this year’s seniors. 

The class of 2021 has been at Tilghman for four years now. They have the most memories and school pride as any other class. Their senior year was just in reach; all the traditions they watched their older brothers and sisters experience and saw in the movies were about to a reality. But someone named COVID snatched it away from them.  

No prom (junior OR senior year), no homecoming, no shoving freshmen into lockers, no pep rally, eating in the courtyard, no guarantee of a graduation, no college visits (but still all the stress of college applications) and worst of all, no mouthing those jokes across the room while the teacher is lecturing anymore. So please, classes of ’22, ’23 and ’24, do tell how you have it worse. You still have at least a year and a half with all your best friends to experience the rest of high school and the rest of your time with your best friends. You can still experience the Mayfield week bike ride and the courtyard your senior year and proms. You get to have the full-circle moment from the beginning of the year in the class meeting with your entire class in one place to sitting before the graduation stage all together again.  

This is not to say that everyone isn’t experiencing the sad repercussions of this virus, but some definitely are missing out on more than others, and class of 2021 wishes more than anything they could have the chance to do their long-awaited senior year as they’d always imagined.