September’s Scoop on the ‘Scope

Sydney Martin, Staff Writer

Aries, the Ram: September foretells that professional affairs and personal aspirations will rule this month. Planetary strength is located in the upper half of the chart. You can keep domestic concerns and emotional harmony in the background. Also, the influence of Mars can be felt in your life this month. You will be more aggressive in your approach and practicality will be in focus. Various aspects of life such as relationships, profession and family will have to be handled effectively. predictions for health indicate reasonable health prospects for the month. All major health problems will subside and this will make you cheerful and happy. You should not neglect your physical exercises. Diet also requires proper attention. Proper medical attention will alleviate all minor health issues.

Taurus, the Bull: Predictions for September say that career development and personal ambitions will not be in focus this month. Planetary aspects make domestic issues and psychological factors more important. spend money on luxurious items for the beautification of the house. While things look gorgeous, you are careful not to waste money. The influence of Jupiter will be beneficial for sales promotion and marketing activities. are very much hopeful about health and vitality. Minor ailments require routine medical attention. Even serious medical problems will be under control. You have to give enough attention to your fitness and diet routines to remain in shape.

Gemini, the Twins: September foretells that domestic affairs and psychological stability will be in focus this month. Planetary strength is located in the southern half of the chart. Though career is not important, it will become very prominent during the last week of the month. Again it will be based on emotional harmony. You will be able to hold sway over others with imaginative thoughts. People in scholarly pursuits such as authors and teachers will have a much profitable time. Predictions for health are quite promising. However, you can improve your vitality by scheduling your activities. No major illnesses are likely and minor health afflictions require routine medical attention. Good health will make your disposition more jovial.

Cancer, the Crab: This month predicts a month of both challenges and happiness. Professional activities are replaced by social and romantic endeavors. You will come in contact with influential people and this may improve your career prospects. will have a tough time balancing domestic issues and personal ambitions with social and love relationships. Also another balancing act you have to achieve is between your emotional stability and professional requirements. predictions are not encouraging for health prospects. A good fitness routine coupled with a good diet plan will help you to reduce health problems and maintain your health. You have to pay attention to maintain your emotional fitness. Relaxation techniques will be helpful

Leo, the Lion: September predicts a month of accomplishments and growth for Leo. In addition to this, planetary aspects will also help you in achieving your targets with a minimum amount of effort. There will be unexpected gains also. You will have to balance your financial objectives, social interests, and personal happiness. Another set of targets involves professional development, emotional happiness, and academic growth. Your success depends on managing the various contradictions. You will have no problem emerging victorious. September foretells fabulous conditions on the health front. No major health issues are likely and minor diseases can be taken care of by proper medical attention. Do not forget about a good fitness and diet regime to improve your energy levels.

Virgo, the Maid: September predicts that domestic issues and emotional harmony will be important this month. Planetary strength is located in the southern sector of the horoscope. Though professional matters are not on the agenda, career growth happens automatically. Virgo is able to achieve career success with a strong emotional base. Independence and self-interests will rule your actions. Virgo can have things as per their choice and there is no need for compromises. However, it is important to have the cooperation of others in achieving your life objectives. predictions suggest fabulous health conditions. There may be minor health issues which can be taken care of by routine medical assistance. Good health brings more vitality and cheerful disposition. Regular exercise and a healthy diet will help you to maintain your physical fitness. Emotional well-being can be achieved through sports and relaxation.

Libra, the Scales: This month’s predictions indicate personal aspirations will rule over the interests of others. Planetary strength is located in the eastern sector of the horoscope. Hence you can create your own destiny and are not looking for collaborations and conciliations. The focus will be on domestic affairs. There will be modifications and redecorations to your residence. Your communication capabilities are strong and  and you able to convey messages clearly. Health predictions are promising. Normal health can be maintained with routine exercise and diet plans. There will not be any major hiccups and minor problems can be taken care of by normal medical care. You can enhance your energy levels by not overexerting and with proper scheduling of your activities.

Scorpio, the Scorpion: September predictions indicate that personal interests and autonomy will be n focus this month. Most of the planets are situated in the eastern half of the horoscope. You can have things the way you want. There is no need for cooperation or conciliation. Mars’ will make you more positive and you will be calm and comfortable. You will be inclined to indulge in philanthropy, but you should not go overboard. predictions suggest that health prospects will be highly promising. Chronic ailments will be under control and minor health issues can be resolved with prompt medical attention. No serious health problems are anticipated. Your disposition will be pleasant and positive because of good health. Do not strain yourself and be regular in exercising.

Sagittarius, the Archer: This month predicts that professional interests and personal ambitions will be in focus. Domestic issues and emotional stability will be in the background. Sagittarius will grow more independent and determined in their actions. You can plan and take action as per your wish. There is no need for depending on others to accomplish your goals. Health predictions suggest family harmony will be disturbed. Senior members of the family tend to fight among themselves. The unpleasant atmosphere will affect the progress of children in their studies. You must take more interest in solving family problems and help children to progress in their academic activities.

Capricorn, the Goat: September foretells that both professional matters and domestic concerns will be important this month. Family issues and psychological matters are also important. Family issues and psychological matters are also important. You will have more vitality, enthusiasm, and charisma. However, your endurance will give way to more aggression. Health predictions are not at all encouraging. Chronic ailments will create more problems. Prompt attention is important to mitigate recurring diseases. A good fitness regime coupled with a healthy diet plan will help to some extent.

Aquarius, the Water Bearer: This month predicts a wonderful month in spite of the various challenges you are likely to face. There will be plenty of confidence and vitality in dealing with the obstacles. This will make the problems look small. Because of your excellent confidence, you will have no problem in achieving whatever is wanted. You are able to get the cooperation of others as you are able to convince them easily. predictions for health promise an excellent month for health. You have very good vitality and this will make you cheerful and positive. You should take care to avoid stressful situations. All activities have to be given the right priorities and the right time. There will not be any major health problems.

Pisces, the Fish: September foretells that personal aspirations and professional matters are coming to focus this month. You can forget about domestic issues and emotional matters for the time being. Social intelligence will be necessary to accomplish your objectives. Predictions for health are quite positive. There will not be any major hiccups and chronic ailments will be under control. Normal medical attention will take care of other health problems. Your disposition will be cheerful and optimistic. Take care of your diet and stick to a regular exercise routine.