Learning at Home Has Benefits

Sydney Martin, Staff Writer

Like a majority of Paducah Tilghman High School students, I chose to be a virtual student. Although a primary reason was that my parents advised against it attending in-personI also discovered the benefits of staying home and being a virtual student, aside frothe fact that I wouldn’t be putting my health at risk. 

 Learning New SkillsVirtual learning teaches and sharpens digital skills. For instance, having students record video presentations requires them to use several skills, from setting up a camera to framing a shot. They learn how to edit filesmaybe adding or taking away slidesand upload those to shared spaces. They learn how to present their work to their peers in a videoconferencing platform.  

 Virtual learning also teaches research skillslearn how to find sources, vet them for credibility and use them properly in their work. They can create a toolbox for creating future contentVirtual learning also teaches students to adapt and figure things out for themselves. They learn how to become nimble and more resourceful as they muscle through challenges. 

 Accessible InstructionEducation can now be delivered to vulnerable students who may not be physically able to attend school regularly. Their difficult situation does not have to impede their learning. They can receive instruction without compromising their situation or causing stress to themselves or their families. Virtual learning lets struggling learners spend more time on difficult material. No more unnecessary pressure; now they can take the time they need to review lessons and master content. This is especially helpful if a student is working on an assignment or studying for a test and they need to reference a particular lesson.