Butler third PT student to be named Teen of the Week

Sam Kirchhoff

Raven Butler 

Of the four 2020 Teens of the Week, Raven Butler is PT’s third senior to be awarded the title.  This award is given to high school seniors in the Paducah area to recognize the accomplishments they have made throughout their high school years. Butler now has the chance to be named the Teen of the Year and win a $5,000 scholarship or the Inspiration Award, which is paired with a $1,000 scholarship. 

With many AP and honors courses creating an engaging workload for Butler, she has risen to the occasion successfully, earning a cumulative GPA of 4.325 which has placed her at the top of her class.  While being successful in the classroom is a priority for her, Raven spends much time involved in extracurricular activities, some of which include Future Business Leaders of America (Co-President), Student Council (Vice-President), and a multitude of other clubs.   

She enjoys teaching at Center Stage Dance Studio where she remarks on one of her favorite parts of the art, “I enjoy dancing because I enjoy inspiring younger generations of dancers in the process in the process of expression.”  Butler has gained a multitude of awards during the years of her dance career, many of them at the national level.  Along with expression through dance, she enjoys participating in theatre during the school’s annual winter musicals. 

While she has proven herself adept in all classrooms, Raven prefers the Chemistry class of Mrs. McGregor overall.  Butler credits McGregor for sparking her interest in that subject after two consecutive years in class with her.  She looks for a future career in the field, potentially working as a forensic chemist or educator.  With many different college opportunities, she prefers to keep her options open but is considering the University of Alabama where she may pursue a double major with Chemistry and another subject.