The Best Spooky Season Date Ideas

Grace Bakehouse, Photo Editor

Spooky season has lots of opportunities for cute date ideas.  Many people typically think of going to a haunted house as the only spooky season date, but luckily spooky season has a lot more to offer than just that.  Another easy date is watching Halloween movies with your significant other such as Halloween Town, the Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, The Addams Family, Beetlejuice, Casper, and Monster House. However, if you prefer tv shows over movies a fun thing to do is watch all the Disney Halloween episodes from your favorite shows from childhood, listed in the picture. There is one more indoor date idea, making spooky season treats such as caramel apples, rice crispy treats that look like mummies, chocolate-covered strawberries that look like monsters and so much more. Pinterest has tons of ideas for spooky season-themed treats so if you need more ideas make sure to look there.

Since it is a little bit colder outside the outdoor date ideas are limited however, if you’re feeling adventurous dress comfortable and warm and head outside with your significant other. An easy date is just a little photoshoot with your significant other. Make sure if you participate in this one to post your photos on Instagram so everyone can see how cute y’all are together.  Another fun thing to do in our area is to go to the Wurth Farms pumpkin patch.  You can make going to the pumpkin patch a date just by itself. However, if you’re wanting to spend the whole day with your significant other you can add on painting/carving the pumpkins y’all pick out. No matter what you and your significant other decide to it’ll be perfect for the two of you.