The Bachelorette Debut

Maddie VanderBoegh

The Bachelorette finally makes its debut on Tuesday, October 13th after months of anxiously waiting. The new Bachelorette was announced as Clare Crawley, who was previously on the Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise a couple of times. The show has been on hold for quite a few months, and the tension to see the drama unfold has been unreal. The internet has been obsessing over the fact that “this new season is nothing like you’ve ever seen before.” There have been many rumors going around that Clare finds the one for her only a couple weeks into the show and leaves everyone, even herself, very confused. She is rumored to end up with Dale, which has been all over the internet. 

Since this is occurring, Chris Harrison, the host, had to apparently find a completely new Bachelorette to take Clare’s spot as she leaves the show to continue her love life that she had already found. The new Bachelorette who will be filling Clare’s shoes a few weeks into the show is rumored to be Tayshia Adams, formally on the Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. Since we were left with very little information, the only way to find out what else is going to unfold is by waiting to see what happens next.