Young Women of PT

This week’s Young Women of PT, Zyla Dortch, is known for being a well-rounded graduating senior here at Paducah Tilghman High School. While at Tilghman Dortch has participated heavily in our Arts and Music programs through choir, band, and theatre. Dortch has also always been in active leader in the community. She has been involved in March for our lives, Mock Trial, Paducah Pathfinder, Environmental Sustainability Club and a Paducah Bank Teen Ambassador. Leadership clearly has always played a big role in Dortch’s character. While she remains busy through many commitments, Dortch is able to stay involved and volunteer in our community.

Dortch has always shown that we should be accepting of others. While at Tilghman, Dortch has learned that, “Everyone is different and that’s what makes them beautiful.”  Being at Tilghman has really allowed Dortch to become friends with so many different people of different backgrounds. Dortch has exemplified a leader who is not afraid to think differently.

Regarding her future, Dortch plans to attend a four-year university where she will pursue a major in Sociology and minor in Political Science. She also plans to study the American Sign Language and continue to maintain an active role in the theatre and arts program. Dortch also plans to be involved in advocating for gun control and LGTBTQ and women’s right. Dortch aspires to be a mental health specialist and help advocate for mental health within students and teenagers in our society. Wherever Dortch studies we know Dortch will continue to make an impact in society.