iOS 14 Update Amazes Everyone

Maddie VanderBoegh

Everyone has been so excited about the new iOS 14 updates on the I-phone. This update is one of the first ones in many years to focus mainly on feature and setting changes rather than improving stability. Things get to be moved around on your home screen differently, and this time you’re the one doing all the movingThere are many pro’s and con’s that go along with updating your phone. For starters, a con is that you cannot downgrade, and if you try it is going to be very difficult. A pro to the update is that the widgets are wonderful, as many say. This update allows widgets to be on the home screen, and everyone is loving the new look on their phone.  

One thing that has been a little weird about this update is the fact that some of the apps may not be ready for iOS 14. This had to do with the fact that Apple announced iOS 14’s roll-out, but there was only a short period of time between the announcement and the actual thing getting released, which caught many app developers off guard. Some developers of certain apps came out and announced that they wouldn’t be ready for this update. However, that did not stop anyone from immediately getting the cool, new update. This update has amazed so many people and is continuing to do so as the days and weeks go by.