Easy 2020 Halloween Costumes

Grace Bakehouse, Photo Editor

Halloween is quite literally around the corner and if you’re like a lot of people you procrastinated on planning your costume.  No worries this is the article for you.  These will be some super simple Halloween costumes you can put together at the last minute.  The first of these being Winnie the Pooh.  For this costume, all you need is an oversized yellow t-shirt, a red crop top, and some iron-on letters.  Ears would be nice however, depending on how last-minute this is they can be skipped.  Use the iron-on letters to spell Pooh on the red crop top, layer it over the yellow t-shirt, and your costume is finished.

The next costume is an angel.  All you’ll need is a white skirt, white shirt, and some cheap wings from the Halloween store.  These wings are typically sold with a matching halo, so you’re all set for this costume.  Another simple costume is being a flapper.  All you’ll need is an old homecoming dress, some heels, and a feather boa from Hobby Lobby or any other craft store.


Another easy costume is Sandy from Grease.  Grab a leather jacket, some black pants, a black shirt, and some red heels and this costume is finished. Although Halloween is tomorrow, these costumes are super simple and a great idea if you need a quick solution before going out tomorrow.  Remember to stay safe, COVID-19 is a real thing and cases are rising.