What the item you bring to “Friendsgiving” says about you

Sam Kirchhoff

As Thanksgiving approaches, many eagerly anticipate the time they will soon spend with family.  While these cherished moments with family are important, new holiday traditions are celebrated by many as they host Thanksgiving-style meals with their friends called “Friendsgiving.”  For these events, they are normally potlucks to which every guest brings his/her own dish to share with everyone.  This is especially important because with the upcoming Friendsgiving season, it is crucial to acknowledge that the dish you bring speaks volumes about your personality.

First, if you are bringing the main dish—such as ham and/or turkey—to Friendsgiving you are either the host or an incredibly obnoxious overachiever. In this scenario there is no middle ground; either you found it convenient to use your own facilities you’re already using to host or feel like asserting your dish’s essential presence to the dinner.  No matter which category you fall in for this one, bringing the main entrée to Friendsgiving is quite the undertaking.

Almost equally as crucial to Friendsgiving as the ham/turkey is the mashed potatoes. Those who bring mashed potatoes are the reliable, consistent friends. Taking on a dish so quintessential to the Thanksgiving spirit is a make-or-break opportunity for the whole event.  Only those willing to have such pressure placed on a dish could put his/her name down for mashed potatoes. This attitude embodies those friends whose actions are predictable in nature and consistent in their support.

On the flip side, the only Friendsgiving dish acceptable to which to ascribe the unpredictable, unreliable friends are the dinner rolls.  In any case, the only exception to this are those who take the time to make homemade rolls.  However, these friends are often proving their lack of dedication through the effort, or lack thereof, it takes to purchase a frozen package of dinner rolls and roll up to the event (late, probably) with them defrosted.

Finally, the item that describes the flat-out lazy friend are plates, napkins, and/or beverages. The only action required for this role is the swipe of a credit card.  This deserves no further explanation.