Price Named Fifth Teen of the Week 2020


Libby Shadoan

Jenna Price is the fifth senior at Paducah Tilghman to be named the Paducah Bank Teen of the Week by The Paducah Sun this year. Price was awarded this honor for the week of November 2nd. This award is given to high school seniors in the Paducah area to recognize the accomplishments they have made throughout their high school years. Price now has the chance to be named the Teen of the Year and win a $5,000 scholarship or the Inspiration Award which is paired with a $1,000 scholarship.

Price has developed an impressive resume throughout her high school years. She is in the top of her class, has earned a 4.365 weighted cumulative GPA and is an AP Scholar. Price has been involved with multiple programs within the PTHS music department, including, Concert Band, Marching Band and Pep Band as a trumpet player. She also is involved with PTHS extracurricular activities and clubs such as the National Honor Society and the Sustainability Club. Price not only is a member of the Sustainability Club, but she also designed the logo for the club.

Price has discovered her passion:  art. She specifically loves to paint and feels that painting is an “escape” to the overwhelming events life presents. Price enjoys that there are so many options with art and painting and refers to it as, “boundless”. She is artistically inclined whether it be her creativity and uniqueness in her art or the effortless talent she has with music. Price’s talent has not gone unrecognized, for she was awarded first place on the Yeiser Art Center’s “Teen Spirit” exhibition in 2019. She also has won a Paducah School of Art & Design scholarship from her entries and received Paducah Tilghman’s annual art award in her junior year. Price has been given several Kentucky Music Education Association honors and she attended GSA for visual arts in the summer after her sophomore year, where she had the realization that she wanted to pursue a career in art.

Price thoroughly enjoyed her time at GSA and mentioned that “it just felt right” referring to being around a group of people who have the same interest in art as she does. Price’s favorite subject to paint is people, but she enjoys adding twists of imagination in her paintings to allow people to develop their own interpretation of her paintings.

Price is currently busy with her senior year courses and college applications, but she likes to spend her free time biking and cooking. As a vegan, Price likes to explore new recipes and she stated, “especially during quarantine, cooking has been a great thing for me.”

Price is planning on taking a gap year to volunteer abroad after she graduates. While she had hoped to attend a two-month volunteer program in Sri Lanka this past summer she, unfortunately, was unable to attend due to COVID-19. Price believes that “Since I’m interested in a career in the arts and culture, having the opportunity to be immersed in different social environments, artistic cultures, economic conditions, and religions will only support my creativity, inspiration, and approach to the world as an artist and active member of a community.”

Following the gap year, Price intends to attend a four-year university or art school to receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts.