Put Some Cuffs on Cuffing Season


Leah Tyrrell, Editor

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Cold weather, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, hot chocolate, New Year; cuffing season, endless social media feeds of couples rubbing their relationship in everyone’s face, PDA. Love is in the air…

…for some of us at least.

It’s understandable: you want someone to keep you happy as seasonal depression sinks in; you want someone to buy presents for during all the holidays; you want someone to do a couples Halloween costume with. We get it! But for those of us on the sidelines, that doesn’t make it any easier to watch.

What should we do about this? The solution is easy: just stop designating this single time of year to getting a boyfriend or girlfriend. This would work wonders for everyone. For starters, there’s less urgency. If you’re rushing to get a special other for this season, are you really going to find the right person for a relationship that will last? Probably not, you have to be patient; maybe your lover will come at some other time of the year. If you wait for a relationship that will last, you will be get the best of both worlds: being happy AND still being able to last through and past the holiday season. With regards to those of us who don’t succeed in getting boo’d up, un-designating fall as the season of love will make being single a lot easier to handle. Without all the blissful couples being shoved in front of our faces at once, we will feel less overwhelmingly lonely, perhaps our mental health can remain intact!

With that being said, on behalf of all singles, if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend during cuffing season, please stop rubbing it in our face. Much love xoxo.