Virtual Learning Scheduled to Continue Until After Thanksgiving

Grace Bakehouse, Photo Editor

In the past few weeks COVID-19 cases in Kentucky have skyrocketed, specifically in McCracken County there is approximately 1,600 active COVID-19 cases.  With the number of cases rising considerable school districts all over have made the decision to switch back to all virtual learning until after Thanksgiving break.  Not only does this decision affect Paducah Public Schools, but also McCracken County Schools and Marshall County Schools.  This decision is not ideal for students, teachers or parents alike however, it is necessary to ensure the safety of all involved.

Nobody enjoys doing virtual learning however, it is important to remember that this decision was made for safety reasons.  NTI (non-traditional instruction) will come as a challenge for teachers and students alike so it is imperative to continue to be patient and stay on top of your work as to not get behind in classes.  Hopefully, if everyone does their part to help fight against COVID-19  we can resume in person learning after Thanksgiving break as planned.