The Truth About Zoos

Maddie VanderBoegh

Zoos have been a huge attraction to the world for quite a long time. But have you ever thought about what the animals have to go through in order for your viewing pleasure?  

Many animals are caged up in a small space, which is completely unfair considering if they were in the wild like the rest of their kind, they would be able to run free and live the life they are supposed to live. Now it is very understandable if an animal is injured, a zoo should take it in and help care for it. As soon as the animal gets better, they should let it go and give it its home back, but not many zoos do that type of thing. They tend to keep the animal in their cages and stuff to make money off of them.  

Many animals don’t get to experience a good life because zoos don’t allow them to. It is extremely heartbreaking, and zoos should not be allowed to do this stuff to animals. If you’re planning a trip to the zoo, maybe reconsider your choices, and think about what you’re paying for.