The New Bachelor Makes His Debut

Maddie VanderBoegh

The Bachelor debut was something that so many people were excited for. After a long, dreadful season of The Bachelorette, everyone was ready for something new. The new bachelor is Matt James. No one can think of a single person who does not drool over this man. This is his first time ever being on a show like this, so it is very exciting to see his journey throughout the show as a first-time contestant. 

As the women came out of the limo during the first episode, everyone immediately picked favorites. Some of the favorite girls include MJ and Rachel. In contrast, Victoria is known as the victim. However, without her the show would definitely be boring. She is constantly saying something so dumb that it is hilarious. She starts drama all the time, but without drama the bachelor would be nothing. 

Matt has a long journey ahead him, but everyone is ready for it. Who will he end up picking? I guess we will all have to watch his journey and see.