Hanna Scott is the Paducah Bank Teen of the Week

Sam Kirchhoff

Of the 2020-2021 Teens of the Week, Hanna Scott is PT’s seventh senior to be awarded the title.  This award is given to high school seniors in the Paducah area to recognize the accomplishments they have made throughout their high school years. Scott now has the chance to be named the Teen of the Year and win a $5,000 scholarship or the Inspiration Award which is paired with a $1,000 scholarship. 

With a plethora of APhonors, and Dual-Credit courses creating a well-rounded foundation for Scott, she has earned a GPA of over 3.9.  While excelling at Tilghman is a priority for her, Hanna spends much time involved in extracurricular activities, some of which include Paducah Bank Teen Ambassador, Softball, and many other sports and clubs.   

An extracurricular she in which she is particularly involved is the African American Leadership Club, of which she is the Vice President. With a leadership role, Scott is able to greatly contribute and facilitate important discussions on the history of African Americans and current events. The club has also contributed to different volunteer events around the community, COVID permitting.  

After attending either Transylvania University or Murray State University, Hanna looks forward to a career in special educationThis interest stemmed from her time with her mother, who also works in the field. She spent much time “doing stuff around like copying papers or coming in and working with students.” As a special educator, Scott wants to focus on the psychological aspect of education to better equip students with equitable resources they may be lacking; in doing so, she will focus on examining early childhood learning and behavior disorders.