Riverdale Season 5

Maddie VanderBoegh

When the fourth season of Riverdale made its way to Netflix, fans went crazy. However, there were many people to say they were confused throughout the whole season, or even just that it wasn’t very good. Many people wait for the show to launch on Netflix to be able to watch it all back-to-back. If you don’t do this, you can easily watch season 5 of Riverdale on CW. 

The fifth season of Riverdale launched on CW on January 20th, 2021. This has been something that lots of people have been excited for. A lot of people are unsure how the producers are going to make a fifth season work because the last 2 were kind of a stretch. 

Some spoilers that hit social media about this season of Riverdale is that Veronica is supposedly going to get married. With who has not yet been determined but many fans believe it is not Archie. That shocks many because Varchie was supposed to be endgame, or so we thought. Another spoiler of this season was that Archie and Betty rekindle their love interests with each other. A lot of people definitely saw this one coming, but it will still be very sad to see Bughead end if the rumors are true. 

If you are waiting to watch Riverdale on Netflix, they should release it around August or September of 2021. Be patient, hopefully it will be worth the wait.