Start Making College Decisions Now

Lilly Brown

Attention seniors! Graduation is right around the corner which means you have to start deciding what you want to do with your life. Whether it be going straight into the work force or straight to college, you have to figure out what is best for you and your life in the long run. If you’re focusing on the college route, you’re probably struggling to figure out the best school to go to. By following these steps, you will be sure to find the college that best suites you. 

  • Develop your short list of colleges you are thinking about attending. It is best to already have some planned that way if one falls through you will always have a backup. When choosing the right college it can get hard at times. You may have second thoughts or nerves from wondering if you’re making the right choice. By developing a list, this will help with your decision making process in terms of eliminating the choices you think wouldn’t suit you the best. 
  • It’s best to rank your priorities when deciding the right college. Thinking about what could best benefit you and your life. You could base it off your family, job, or even your boyfriend/girlfriend, everyone is different. At the end of the dayyou need to do what makes you happy and what is going to make you thrive in the future.  
  • Don’t procrastinate. If you’re like the average teenager, you wait till the very last minute to do absolutely anything. By doing that, you’re allowing yourself to speed up your thinking process which creates poorly drawn-out work. If you take your time while writing your college essays and make sure you start them at a decent time, you will be sure to give the admissions office your work that is nothing less than perfect. 
  • One last thing you can do is investigate job connections. Every college has their own departments that teach different subjects. Some colleges tend to teach better than others. With that being said, the better the professor, the better the connections. It is best to choose a college that will be sure to help you thrive in what you decide to study.