SLIDESHOW: Tilghman Welcomes 35 New Faculty and Staff

Mrs. Amanda Sadler is another teacher we would like to welcome. Mrs. Sadler is our economics, government, and U.S. history teacher.  She attended Murray State University, where she got a Bachelor’s of Science degree in history and social studies. She was attracted to Tilghman for the diversity and community culture. In her time here so far, Mrs. Sadler loves the family-like atmosphere and inclusion of everyone here.  Some of her hobbies include crochet, knitting, camping and reading sci-fi or historical fiction.  Something students don’t see a lot around here is roller derby, in which she used to participate.

Aneeza Ali and Madison Patel

Paducah Tilghman is constantly growing with new additions to our staff, especially during this past year. Throughout COVID-19 we turn to our teachers to help provide us with a better learning environment. Paducah Tilghman never fails to show pride and excellence in everything we do. We have a groundbreaking number of 35 new staff members. Click through the slideshow to meet them!