SLIDESHOW: Tilghman Welcomes 35 New Faculty and Staff

Mr. John Adams Is our Business Accounting teacher here at Paducah Tilghman. In the Business category he teaches the following subjects: Principles of Entrepreneurship, Ethical Leadership, and Digital Literacy. Mr. Adams received his undergraduate degree at Union College in Barbourville Kentucky and his master’s degree at Murry State University. He expresses that he chose Tilghman because of the appliances offered at our school including the redound Innovation Hub. While living in Paducah, he and his wife genuinely enjoyed the area and took the opportunity to teach at a school with wonderful academics, Tilghman fit that criterion. In his viewpoint, Tilghman also provided a safe space and family atmosphere for Adams and did not hesitate to welcome his own family to PTHS. His hobbies include coaching sports and attending other sporting events as he is also a member of the Football and Wrestling staff! Mr. Adams truly expresses the tenacity and ethic of a hardworking staff member, making him a perfect addition to PTHS. Make sure to contact him if interested in his variety of classes!

Aneeza Ali and Madison Patel

Paducah Tilghman is constantly growing with new additions to our staff, especially during this past year. Throughout COVID-19 we turn to our teachers to help provide us with a better learning environment. Paducah Tilghman never fails to show pride and excellence in everything we do. We have a groundbreaking number of 35 new staff members. Click through the slideshow to meet them, and check back often for updates!