Don’t Overlook the Importance of Mental Health


Dana Hernandez

With school starting, many students once again find themselves feeling a bit stressed, from freshmen entering a new phase of life to seniors figuring where they are going to college.

Maybe there is an academic, personal or social issue you are facing. Or maybe you just feel a bit lost and confused. Things just feel to keep piling up.

Mental health is just as important as your physical health. If you do not take care of yourself, your grades can start to plummet. Your mental health affects the way you act, think and feel. It affects your emotions and how you perceive others’ emotions; therefore, mental health is crucial to ensure healthy choices.

Reach out and find something that brings you joy. That could be playing an instrument, singing, reading or playing a sport. Try getting a good night’s sleep to allow yourself to rest. Listen to your favorite song or album. Go on a car ride or walk around and take a stroll in the park. Hang out with your best friend or pet. Take a phone or social media break. Know that it is fine to take a step back and rest for a second if you are feeling overwhelmed or overworked. Be sure to take care of yourself and put your mental health first.

Lastly, do not be ashamed to reach out for help. If you ever need anything, let a teacher, guidance counselor or administrator know. Paducah Tilghman is here to support you.