Young Women of PT: Savannah Caldwell


Maliyah Jones

Senior Savannah Caldwell started her custom t-shirt business called “Chances Are Apparel” in August 2020. Customers can customize their own shirt and choose any color, picture or design. She has made shirt orders for various people, birthday parties, family reunions and other events. This was something Caldwell had always looked forward to.  

Caldwell explained that the need for extra money was the main motivator in her starting this business. This business was a good way for her to make extra money on her own in addition to her work paycheck. She also expressed how making T-shirts is a positive outlet for her and a way to express herself.  

Caldwell then explained what the name “Chances Are” means to her. She went into detail about how her late great-grandmother’s favorite song was “Chances Are” by Johnny Mathis, which has sentimental value for Caldwell. She also went on to explain the double meaning of the name. “Sometimes in life you just have to take a risk and see what the ‘Chances Are,’” said Caldwell. 

Caldwell mentioned that in the future she aspires to have a fully functioning website and an online presence. Caldwell then explained how she eventually wants to move towards creating her own clothing with her own designs. Caldwell said, “I would like to release my own line, and move away from customs.” 

Deciding to try something new, like starting a business, can take a lot of courage and dedication. Having to manage school, work and a business can be especially tough, but this young woman persevered. The young women at Tilghman are doing amazing things and have very bright futures ahead of them.