Pat the Hard-Working Custodian

Ansley Hamilton

If you have ever walked to the Innovation Hub, you most likely have seen Pat Solomon, the custodian.  Mr. Solomon is much more than just a custodian.  He is a daily reminder of how a thoughtful word can brighten a student’s day.

I stopped by and asked Mr. Solomon a few questions about his job and what words of encouragement he could offer.

Mr. Solomon arrives as early as 4:30 am to do multiple jobs for the Hub. He loves making sure our hallways and bathrooms are very clean. He leaves the hub around 2:30 pm.

Mr. Solomon has many job duties during the day. Some of these consist of sweeping, mopping, cleaning restrooms and washing windows. Being a custodian is a hard job, and we should really appreciate all the hard work he puts into it.

He sees many kids a day. He is very kind toward all students that walk by him. Mr. Solomon is very nice and caring and does everything in his power to make our experience at the HUB the best it can be. He is always doing something productive and making sure our hallways and classes are clean.

Mr. Solomon has been an employee of the Paducah Area Technical Center for three years.  He is married, has two children, and one grandchild.